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Franklin County Jail Board of Visitors is an oversight and advisory committee of citizens identified by the Sheriff to represent the interests of the people in Franklin County. The Board of Visitors (BOV) are chosen for their varied orientations, interests and expertise in the field of corrections and rehabilitation issues.  The BOV focus in this capacity will be regarding public safety and security, jail staff safety, as well as inmate health and safety.  


We have been working with the County Commissioners, and our Board of Visitors to evaluate the needs of the 37 year old facility, looking specifically to improve our ability to provide the best possible services for a jail our size.  


A Board of Visitors never existed at the jail until Sheriff Nichols found local volunteers to serve as a separate set of eyes to help identify needs for inmates and corrections staff. Statutorily, a Board of Visitors ordinarily only looks at a jail’s mental health services, however Sheriff Nichols expanded that to include all services in the jail. With their help we will continue to identify and remedy any deficiencies, seek financial resources, to include grants, to assist with improvements while always mindful of staying within a very limited budget.

Of the people, for the people.

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