Sheriff's Office

Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Scott R. Nichols
123 County Way
Farmington, ME 04938
Phone: 207-778-2680
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Toll Free: 800-773-2680




Franklin County Residents:

In an effort to provide information and resources during this unprecedented time, the Sheriff's Office has put together a list of information and resources we hope will be of help to you. This list will be updated as we receive additional news/information. 

~Sheriff Scott R. Nichols

"Of the People, For the People"

Board of Visitors

We have been working with the County Commissioners, and our Board of Visitors to evaluate the needs of the 37 year old facility, looking specifically to improve our ability to provide the best possible services for a jail our size.  


A Board of Visitors never existed at the jail until Sheriff Nichols found local volunteers to serve as a separate set of eyes to help identify needs for inmates and corrections staff. Statutorily, a Board of Visitors ordinarily only looks at a jail’s mental health services, however Sheriff Nichols expanded that to include all services in the jail. With their help we will continue to identify and remedy any deficiencies, seek financial resources, to include grants, to assist with improvements while always mindful of staying within a very limited budget.