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​This is wildly successfully and popular among the public.  In cooperation with the Wilton Fish and Game association as well as the Carrabassett Valley Outdoor association we have been teaching basic handgun safety courses.  In 2015 the State of Maine made it legal for all persons over 21 to carry concealed weapons without a permit.  We thought it would be a great idea to offer a basic safety course to teach people how handle a handgun properly and safely and teach the fundamentals for hand gun shooting. 

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It was interesting to us that the majority of our students in each class are women who are new to the world of firearms.  It brings us great joy to see students show up with little to no firearms skills or knowledge and at the end of the

day leave the training with the skills and confidence to safely handle a handgun.  This same type of class has also been offered to female students who wanted to learn to use a semi auto rifle. 

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