UT Road Agent

Jerry Haines



Oversees summer maintenance

of all UT roads. 

Snow removal complaints

please contact the

Franklin County Regional Communications Center

at 207-778-6140.


E-911 Addressing Officer

Debra Richards




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FY 16 UT Audit



2017 Budget

Unorganized Territories

Unorganized Territory Tax District

General Information


The Unorganized Territory includes:

  • 9,302,193 acres of land, of which: 

    • 7,549,649 acres are in the Tree Growth current use program and therefore, have reduced valuation for tax purposes.

    • 1,166,644 acres are exempt from property tax, such as State and Federal land.  

  • There are 421 townships with a full-time resident population of 7,902 people.  In addition, the 2010 census estimated that there are 11,068 seasonal structures that house approximately 26,895 non-residents.

  • There are 101 offshore islands.  Only one of these islands has a full-time resident population.  The single population consists of only four persons.

  • There are approximately 378 miles of summer roads and 569 miles of winter roads in the Unorganized Territory.

  • There is unorganized territory located within thirteen of the sixteen counties in Maine.  However, municipal type services are required in only nine of these counties.